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Rob Lister has reinvented Wilson Creek UBrew with the ever growing popularity of Craft Beer and his customers interests in mind. Offering a Craft Brewery experience on premises with high end equipment and a worldly Brew Master to consult onsite.

Brew Master Steve Pattullo works with grains rather than kits of malt extract or generic yeasts to brew Custom Craft Beers. Steve uses commercial grade stainless steel kettles and fermenters.  After he completes his artful brewing chemistry and the beer has been conditioned and carbonated you have the option to package your Craft Beer in half-litre bottles or 355ml cans.  Kegs can be purchased into batches ; large (approx. 56L), medium (approx. 37L) or small (approx.18L).

Steve grew up traveling often to London with his British parents allowing him the opportunity to start his professional apprenticeship with London Fields Brewery in Hackney, East London followed by 6 years with Steamworks Brewery and Taproom in Vancouver, BC. Steve enjoys sharing his knowledge and experiences with beginners, seasoned brewers and craft beer enthusiasts. Together he and Rob welcome you to stop in to the new premises for a tour. Below you will find our latest brew menu offering several grain and hop varieties.


The Brew House Beer Kits

Designed exclusively for those with a taste for micro-brewed beers, the Brew House craft beer kits have made quality craft brewing simple for almost 20 years! Make your favourite style of craft beer in just a few weeks and enjoy a truly great beer with fresh and pure flavours and aromas.

Truly great beer requires quality ingredients and a skilled brew master. That’s where the Brew House comes in. In our 3-vessel craft brew house, our brew master transforms the best barley, malt and hops into small batches of fresh wort. We then immediately package this wort, capturing all its delicate aromas and flavours. No sugar, no concentrate. No extract.

Just pure, fresh, unfermented beer!



A balanced, well rounded, golden European-style lager with a noticeable hop profile and all-malt character.

OG: 1.0496-1.0504, FG: 1.0096 - 1.0104, Yeast: Saflager S-23, IBUs: 18


Red ale

Irish style Red Ale. Attractive red-amber colour. Moderate malt body and pleasant mild sweetness. Moderate hop bitterness, mild hop flavour and low hop aroma. A step towards darker beers, without the roasted components.

OG: 1.0492 – 1.0500, FG: 1.0132 – 1.0144, Yeast: Safale S-04, IBUs: 13



A clean North American style wheat beer. Light straw colour and low hop bitterness. Refreshing and thirst quenching.

OG: 1.0460 – 1.0468, FG: 1.0120 – 1.0128, Yeast: Safale S-04, IBUs: 9


Double Oatmeal Stout

An opaque, full-bodied ebony ale. Moderate to high hop bitterness combines well with a pleasant roast malt character, subtle malt sweetness and slight hop flavour. The addition of two types of oats leads to a creamy, robust mouth-feel and full texture.

OG: 1.0545 – 1.0550, FG: 1.0196 – 1.0211, Yeast: Safbrew S-33, IBUs: 28


Pale ale

A deep golden coloured hoppy, fruity English style pale ale. Presents pleasant flavours and aromas of fresh finishing hops, which balance well with a bready malt profile and moderate body.

OG: 1.0500 – 1.0508, FG: 1.0124 – 1.0132, Yeast: Nottingham, IBUs: 25